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We are the place where you will find your luxury everyday towel

Luxurius microfibre towel, made from premium materials. Our design is inspired by the intricate features found along the coastal shores and within the depths of our oceans. This abstract composition melds various shades of blue and grey, accented by abstract lines, to produce this visually striking composition that captures attention with its compelling and distinctive appeal.


This is the perfect and very unique gift to give to people that like to stand out from the crowd and appreciate art. They are also, a great choice for holidaymakers and for the ones that do watersports, as these towels are equipped with all the appropriate features to meet all their needs.


Psst! And don't forget you will always have a piece of art following you wherever you go!



                                                 Make a difference!




  • Microfibre Textile

    Soft to the skin



    180 x 60 cm


    Fast dry

    Dries five times faster than normal towels


    Extremely absorbent

    Holds a volume of water more than its own weight


    Lightweight & Compact

    It can fold 15 times more than cotton towels. It also weights 300grms


    Sand free

    Extremely sand resistant



    30 degree machine wash, not suitable for tumble drying


     Life time colour guarantee



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