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Hello and welcome to our family! Are you interested to know who we are? Well...

The idea of SUNMAR came about in Athens (Greece) in 2017, a time at which we realised that most beach towels have very monotonous designs. It was at this time that we realised this could be exploited by creating a line of towels that have unique patterns. As fans of water sports, we know the importance of having a good quality beach towel. When we discovered microfibre beach towels, we were pleasantly surprised by the benefits they offered. Microfibre towels are made of tiny synthetic fibres that are tightly woven, making them incredibly absorbent and quick-drying. However, we wanted to add our own touch by making unique designs for each towel, making the trips to the beach more fun! Each new design starts as a blank canvas, it is the capturing of the designer’s personality through the design they produce. To add exclusivity to our products, each towel design will be produced for a limited run of 150 pieces. Once a design is retired, a new, unique one will take its place. Microfibre towels occupy less space in luggage and dry much quicker than conventional towels, these qualities make them a more convenient option for athletes, holidaymakers, as well as anyone that regularly travels with a towel in their suitcase.


In 2022, these ideas have been realised, and we have started taking orders for our initial designs, as well as producing our future designs in partnership with young artists, giving them an opportunity to showcase their artistic ability.

Ocean Rocks


At SUNMAR we are all about looking after the planet, looking after the world we live in is one of our top priorities. Our packaging is already made of eco-friendly materials and less plastic waste means happier earth. Part of the reason we chose to introduce microfibre towels to a wider audience, is because they can significantly help in reducing energy consumption. As they are compact and take up minimal space, multiple towels can be washed in one laundry cycle, when compared to conventional cotton towels, thus saving water and electricity. To further our sustainability, we are currently looking for delivery partners that offer more sustainable delivery options.

Aerial View of Lake
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