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Sustainability edition: When imperfection meets perfection!

We have a very strong stance on minimising waste, it is something we strive to do. Due to unforeseen manufacturing issues, this particular line of towels did not meet our expectations, and the graphics on the towel are not as crisp as we would like. It is an imperfection that might be the perfection an environmentally conscious buyer would like. While the graphics are not as crystal clear as our other towels, everything else about the towel is identical to our main line. Due to the small printing mishap, we are selling this particular design with a 40% discount, as well as giving all buyers of this particular line a voucher entitling them to a discount of twenty per cent on their next order. The customer wins, the environment wins, everyone wins. 

Crab (Edition 1)

£24.99 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price
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  • Microfibre Textile

    Soft to the skin



    180 x 60 cm


    Fast dry

    Dries five times faster than normal towels


    Extremely absorbent

    Holds a volume of water more than its own weight


    Lightweight & Compact

    It can fold 15 times more than cotton towels. It also weights 300grms


    Sand free

    Extremely sand resistant



    30 degree machine wash, not suitable for tumble drying


     Life time colour guarantee


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